Our caring, committed and professional staff members have the passion to get to know your child personally and contribute substantially to its development. They always have a listening ear for your child, as well as for you. Because they are well-trained and have a large amount of pedagogical knowledge and experience, they are happy to share that with you.


All of our pedagogical staff members have pedagogical training; all centre managers a college (HBO) or university education, such as psychology or pedagogy. Both are continually trained to deepen their pedagogical knowledge and continue to develop by following courses and inspiring trainings at the Kindergarden Academy.

Familiar faces

In case of sickness and during holidays, we have a well-trained team of bank workers who have been recruited and carefully selected by Kindergarden. For you as parents this means there will always be familiar faces at the centre of your choice.

Full attention for your child

What is so special about Kindergarden, is that our pedagogical staff members really devote all their time to the children. This is possible because we work with a household staff member who cleans and prepares a fresh, hot lunch and a full-time office manager who takes care of the guidance of staff members and children, contacts with parents and administrative tasks. This ensures that pedological staff can give the children their full focus without distraction.

Want to meet our staff personally? Call us for a visit to one of our centres: 020-423 54 22.

We want you and your child to feel welcome at our childcare centres. Every day.


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It is not only that the employees are professional, but they go beyond responsibility and express love and kindness. ”

Paula Vieira de Almeida

Mother of Giovanni - Kindergarden Hoofddorp