Our organization

At Kindergarden, everything we do is focused on the children, from the loving care we provide, to the focus on playful development and the way our branches are laid out. And of course there’s our pedagogical program and our approach – it’s all about what’s best for your child.

Our culture

We always strive for top quality with the best people. Our culture is based on sincerity, excellence, responsibility, respect and cooperation. We want to grow so that more children and parents can enjoy the care and opportunities for development that we offer, and benefit from our warm, welcoming atmosphere.

It's in everything

There are five members on our management team. They work together to determine the direction of our growth and ambitions, each from the perspective of their own field of expertise.

  • At Kindergarden, we strive to give the best care to all children. We want to lay the foundation for the development of babies into independent, open-minded children with a positive self-image. With our people, our approach and our own open-mindedness, we succeed at that!
    Nicole Krabbenborg
    Managing director
  • In order to provide the best care for the children, you must also provide the very best care to those who care for the children. Development of the children and our staff is paramount at Kindergarden.
    Hanneke Visser
    Operational & HR Direct0r
  • Quality and continuity require a solid financial foundation. This we can guarantee through being part of Bright Horizons, one of the world's leading players with a solid balance sheet and profitability. This also results in a high level quality of financial processes (partly due to the listing on the New York Stock Exchange).
    Wouter Janssen
    Financial director
  • We set the bar high at Kindergarden: there are high demands for quality, professional skills, knowledge, and locations. The welfare of the children is a priority and parents need to know their children are in good hands in a safe, pleasant environment.
    Ivo Schunselaar
    Facility director
  • Every day I realise again that parents entrust their most precious possession to us. This knowledge is at the heart of everything we do. And considering how many parents recommend us to their friends and family, they obviously recognise this. We could not wish for etter ambassadors.
    Ellen van der Sprong
    Marketing & Sales director

All the attention your child needs

All Kindergarden branches operate identically. Our teams are all structured the same way, with each member having their own specialism. This means that the pedagogical staff can devote themselves completely to the children, supported by their branch colleagues. For example, the housekeeping staff keep the surroundings clean and sanitary, and provide a fresh, hot lunch for everyone each day. The branch manager is present on a full-time basis to supervise the employees, take care of the administration and address practical queries from parents. This type of cooperation means that there’s all the time in the world for the care, guidance and development of the children.

To find out more about the team members at a Kindergarden branch, go here.

Support from the head office

There are more than 130 enthusiastic staff members at our head office on Herengracht in Amsterdam. They work together to ensure that everyone at the branches can do their work in an enjoyable and satisfactory way, and that the children get all the attention they need. We believe that our branch employees should be relieved of as many organisational tasks and preconditions as possible. Each of the departments at our head office is devoted to a specific area: Client Relations, Facilities, ICT, Finance, Quality & Development, Human Resources, New Business and Marketing & Communication.

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Wereldwijs our pedagogical program

At Kindergarden we think of everything, and this naturally includes our pedagogical program. After all, every child needs attention and guidance in order to reach their full potential. In our Wereldwijs program, we explain how we provide that attention and guidance, and the reasons for our method. Because we have taken such a careful and comprehensive approach to the program, Wereldwijs is the ideal method for our pedagogical employees.

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We continue to develop

The drive to innovate, develop and grow is at the core of who we are. Whether we’re focusing on and guiding your child’s development, providing training to facilitate the growth of our staff, or working on developing our organization, we’ve carefully thought about everything we do at Kindergarden, and we’ll continue to do so. We continue to evolve.

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