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    1401 AB Bussum

Hi, I'm Malou Ran, location manager of Kindergarden Brediusweg Bussum.

We like to compare the experience of spending time in our bright and friendly attic (located in a stately old building) to being in a friendly and welcoming family home. Ours is a safe and secure environment with plenty of stimulation for your child! The specially designed corners offer childeren a bit of everything: whether they’re in the mood to get creative in the studio or want to build something from scratch, put on a funny costume, practice their dancing skills, or play board games around the table, it’s all there. For children who are in the mood of some alone time, we have a special little corner filled with cushions and books.

Our children love our very own “museum,” where we display everything they make (always with the childs consent, of course). We explore the area together like it’s a real-life museum and comment on the items exhibited. We noticed that even the children who normally might be a little shy or reserved enjoy telling others about what they have created. The children respect each other’s work and take an interest in each other’s stories, and even those who didn’t actually make anything themselves, enjoy looking and listening.

Our building is surrounded by a large garden where the children can burn off some of their energy, while we also have a bright and beautiful vegetable garden for all to enjoy.

You’ll find our after-school care in the Brediuskwartier district of Bussum, with many schools nearby. We also provide excellent parking facilities.

We pick up at the following schools:

  • Godelindeschool
  • KMS (katholieke montessorischool) Kwetternest
  • KMS (katholieke montessorischool) Kwakernest
  • Vondelschool

Pick-up days and times at schools may vary. Is your school not listed? Ask our Customer Relations department on 020 423 54 22 about the possible options.

In this location you will find Kindergarden Brediusweg

  • Studio

    The children can really give a free rein to their fantasy and creativity here. We challenge them by offering many different types of materials including wood, bricks, clay, paint, and such things as Ecoline. So they’re not only doing crafts and drawing but also designing, building, and handcrafts.

  • Large garden with soccer goals

    Playing outdoors isn’t only healthy for children, they tend to learn and play differently than indoors. Our huge garden enables the children to let off steam after school playing games together, including soccer.

  • Kids’ kitchen

    We have a real Kids’ kitchen that’s been adapted for a child’s height. The children learn chopping, kneading, baking, and working together here. We teach them all about healthy ingredients, working independently and following recipes.

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Rates 2022

Rate per hour: € 8,27

Pick up from school

Depending on distance from school with BSO bus, cargo bike or on foot.

Workshops and activities

Organized by the pedagogical staff of the location.


External outings during the holiday period (under supervision).


On Wednesdays and Fridays and during holidays

Opening hours

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Wednesday/Friday: from 12:15 pm to 6:30 pm

During holidays and study days: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

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Voor mij is werken met kinderen elke dag een feestje; geen dag die hetzelfde is.

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Hi, I'm Malou Ran, location manager of Kindergarden Brediusweg Bussum.

Malou Ran
Location manager Kindergarden Brediusweg Bussum

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