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Hi, I'm Rowie Kouw, location manager of Kindergarden Kortenaerplantsoen Castricum.

When you enter our facility, you’re able to see everything that’s going on all in one glance, as each section of the building leads into the lively central hallway. You’ll always run into a member of our spirited staff – some of our daycare workers have been with us for more than 18 years (they’ll be happy to explain to you the mystery of why children sit so perfectly still during their fruit break!).

Our spaces for babies and toddlers are designed to invite exploration, which stimulates children’s development. It’s also why as many of our furniture items as possible are arranged at children’s eye level, including the sideboard containing the items we use for setting and clearing the table, and the “construction corner.” From paper to glue, the children can grab everything themselves.

Our babies have a separate garden – the toddler garden is quite a bit larger and features a blackboard, a water table, a sandbox, bicycles, and a living willow tunnel. For our older toddlers, we also provide a sand and water table with a water pump.

Our location is centrally situated, with several elementary schools located nearby.

In this location you will find Kindergarden Kortenaerplantsoen

  • Baby- and toddleryoga

    Exercise is important, which is why we offer weekly yoga. This develops a good way of moving. We also practice keeping balance and we develop their fine and gross motor skills. They simply love it!

  • Dancing & exercise

    Exercise is important. That’s why our dancing instructor gives our infants and toddlers weekly dancing lessons. The children really love imitating movements while at the same time discovering what their bodies can do.

  • English lessons

    Young children’s ears are incredibly receptive to the sounds of other languages. We grasp this opportunity every week so our toddlers get to know English through play. We use our hand puppets Benny and Bella for this.

  • Older toddlers

    Our older toddler group focuses on each toddler’s specific developmental needs. We aim to promote self-reliance and challenge them to do as much for themselves as possible, as that will be really useful when they start school!

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Horizontal groups

Every child lives in a world where everything impresses – and everything has an impact. That is why we work with horizontal groups at our locations.

1 Baby group
0 - 2 year
1 Infant group
1 - 3 year
1 Toddler group
2 - 4 year
1 Older toddler group
3+ year

Our daughter really enjoys visiting the Kindergarden in Castricum every week. They have fantastic groups, varied activities, and a delicious, fresh lunch. The building and garden are incredibly neat and tidy and there’s a big focus on playing outdoors. I really like the fact that the groups are split according to age so that they can always hang out with kids of the same age. This also ensures that the activities are a great match for her development.

Gies Slenders
Father of Nina (3 years)

Rates 2022

Rate per hour: € 9,59

Hot lunch

Freshly and warmly prepared lunch and baby snacks.


Pampers diapers, Pampers Sensitive wipes and Naïf care products.

Bottle feeding

Most types of bottle feeding are available. If you have a different wish, we will do our best to order it.

Teats & bottles

All brands of teats, bottles and sleeping bags. We follow the wishes of the parent.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

Meet some of our team members

Mijn functie is zo ingericht dat ik mijn tijd kan besteden aan deze vestiging zowel het team al de ouders. Mijn deur staat altijd open voor adviezen of een praatje.

Adjunct vestigingsmanager

Geen dag is hetzelfde op de groep. Het is zo leuk en interessant om op de behoefte en ontwikkeling van de kinderen in te spelen. Werken met kinderen maakt me blij, ze zijn zo puur!

Pedagogisch medewerker

Ik vind het fijn om een bijdrage te leveren aan de vestiging zodat wij met zijn allen op een fijne manier kunnen doorgroeien en kwaliteit kunnen blijven leveren.

Preventie coach 

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Hi, I'm Rowie Kouw, location manager of Kindergarden Kortenaerplantsoen Castricum.

Rowie Kouw
Location manager Kindergarden Kortenaerplantsoen Castricum

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