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Hi, I'm Giulia Castens, location manager of Kindergarden Bezuidenhoutseweg Den Haag.

Our daycare on The Hague’s celebrated Bezuidenhoutseweg is located in a lushly wooded area – the backyard even borders right on the Haagse Bos (The Hague Forest). The staff at our small and intimate location is devoted to your child’s care and development. In our infant group, we encourage language development by reading books together – we show the children the pictures and share stories with each other. Did you know that children who were read to by their parents before they started school go on to develop stronger language skills as adults?

All our spaces are designed to invite exploration, which stimulates children’s development, and virtually all our furniture is child-size, so the children can grab everything they need themselves. We offer children who are bound for elementary school special activities for older toddlers, so as to make the transition as smooth as possible. In Benny's playground, we have the children sit in a circle and we introduce them to the English language.

We have a wonderfully large yard (which our children love) with a full-sized sandbox. We are located near The Hague’s central railway station, off the A4 highway, and also provide ample parking space for when you drop off and pick up your child.

In this location you will find Kindergarden Bezuidenhoutseweg

  • Studio

    We often divide the infant and toddler groups into smaller groups, so we can really focus on a specific activity. Take our studio for instance, where we offer other craft materials than in the general group, such as magic sand.

  • English lessons

    Young children’s ears are incredibly receptive to the sounds of other languages. We grasp this opportunity every week so our toddlers get to know English through play. We use our hand puppet Benny for this.

  • Large discovery garden

    Our large garden really invites children to start discovering and playing. There’s a screened area for the babies, which means that the older children can play to their heart’s content on the discovery path, the bicycle circuit, and in our huge sandpit.

  • Older toddler activities

    We often make a point of splitting the toddler group so that we can offer activities that are a good match for the children’s different developmental phases. For instance, in the morning we start with circle time, to prepare the older toddlers (over 3s) for elementary school. 

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Horizontal groups

Every child lives in a world where everything impresses – and everything has an impact. That is why we work with horizontal groups at our locations.

2 Babygroups
0 - 2 year
1 Infant group
1 - 3 year
1 Toddler group
2 - 4 year

We’re simply delighted with Kindergarden Bezuidenhoutseweg. All the staff are really friendly and considerate. Our son loves going there every time and he’s so happy when we collect him too. They keep you well-informed during the day via the app. The garden is adjacent to the stunning Haagse Bos so they’re surrounded by trees and nature! The daycare center rooms are also spacious and light. And finally, they offer a fresh, hot lunch and healthy snacks.

Edo Krouwel
Father of Max (3 years)

Rates 2022

Rate per hour: € 9,66

Hot lunch

Freshly and warmly prepared lunch and baby snacks.


Pampers diapers, Pampers Sensitive wipes and Naïf care products.

Bottle feeding

Most types of bottle feeding are available. If you have a different wish, we will do our best to order it.

Teats & bottles

All brands of teats, bottles and sleeping bags. We follow the wishes of the parent.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

Meet some of our team members

Wanneer ik op de groep kom, word ik weer overspoeld met alle lieve en blije gezichtjes! Zoveel liefde en vreugde is niet te beschrijven wat je dan van de kindjes krijgt! De kindjes stimuleren en zien hoe ze vorderen in hun ontwikkeling is het allermooiste van mijn werk!

Pedagogisch medewerker

Met het hele team waarborgen we de pedagogische kwaliteit op de locatie. In mijn rol als Pedagogisch Expert voel ik me waardevol, omdat ik collega’s en ouders ondersteun bij vragen op pedagogisch gebied. Een veelzijdige functie met veel afwisseling waarin ik mezelf verder wil ontwikkelen.

Pedagogisch expert

Het leuke van werken met kinderen is dat geen dag hetzelfde is. Als pedagogisch medewerker ben je betrokken bij elke stap in de ontwikkeling van het kind. Een reis waarin we samen elke dag leren en ontdekken. Fantastisch om de kinderen te zien opgroeien en daar betrokken bij te zijn.

Pedagogisch medewerker

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Hi, I'm Giulia Castens, location manager of Kindergarden Bezuidenhoutseweg Den Haag.

Giulia Castens
Location manager Kindergarden Bezuidenhoutseweg Den Haag

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