The corona virus and Kindergarden

Through this page we will keep you informed of the latest developments regarding the coronavirus and our services.

Update 5th of February 2021

We are very happy to be allowed to welcome back all children at our centres from Monday the 8th of February on – bar our BSOs (After School Care), where we only offer emergency care for now. We hope these will soon be allowed to reopen and we can welcome back all children at the BSO as well.

Does your child have cold symptoms?

When your child has (cold) symptoms, it’s important to know that we assess, as per usual, with the help of this decision tree, whether or not your child may be allowed to go to day care. You will also find more information about this on the government website.

Quarantining at home

As you may have read or heard in the news, the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) has tightened the general measures for children when it comes to quarantining and contact tracing. If your child has been in close contact with a person who tested positive (min. 15 min, within the 1,5 radius of an infected person), your child will go into quarantine at home.

Does your child not show any symptoms after 5 days? You can get your child tested. In case of a negative test result, your child can cease quarantining at home. At several test locations a saliva test is available for very young children. Ask for and/or about this when making the appointment.

Would you rather not let your child get tested? Then quarantine your child at home for 10 days. For more information about this and what to do when your child does show symptoms, we refer you to the government website.

Emergency care BSO

We will continue to offer emergency care at the BSOs for children whose parents are essential workers. You can check here which professions are considered essential. When you let us know via email you want to make use of emergency care, we will contact you to work out the time the after school care starts, and whether or not to pick up your child(ren) from school.

FAQs from parents

Naturally, we follow the developments concerning the corona virus very closely. And we will continue to follow the advice and guidelines from our public health service (GGD), the government and National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). However, we imagine you may still have some questions.

Here you can find the FAQs and answers regarding the corona virus and our day care.

The most important and most up to date source of information is the RIVM website. On the government website you can also find ‘Frequently asked questions from parents about corona virus and day care.’ Unable to find an answer to your question? Please get in touch with your Centre Manager, she will gladly answer your questions.