Kinderopvang kindergarden 32
Kinderopvang kindergarden 32

Childcare centre

Childcare Amsterdam Kinderplein

This gem of the Amsterdamse School is homey, spacious, light and clean. Each group has patio doors to the vast garden, which allows us to get out quickly to play. A small part that borders the baby group is shielded for the smallest. The toddlers and pre-schoolers are fond of the other part including a sandpit, water table and children's bikes.

Kindergarden Kinderplein offers:

  • Childcare from 2 months to 4 years
  • Groups with peers (horizontal groups)
  • 1 baby group (0 to 2 years)
  • 1 toddler group (1 to 3 years)
  • 1 pre-school group (2 to 4 years)
  • Spacious, attractive garden
  • Near highways

In addition to the centre at the Zuivelplein, there are also centres on the Waldeck Pyrmontlaan, Vondelstraat, Herengracht, Zuidas, Middenweg, Onderlangs, NassaukadeVoormalige Stadstimmertuin and Fizeaustraat.

Sietske Flieringa

Centremanager Amsterdam Kinderplein

sietske CMS

020 423 54 22

Zuivelplein 11
1097 XD Amsterdam
LRK number: 207462999
Opening hours, rates and inspection report

Opening hours

  • Monday - Friday: 7.45 to 18.30
  • Drop off: between 7.45 and 9.30
  • Pick up: between 16.00 and 18.30

By sticking to regular times, there are fewer disruptions during the day. This encourages a calm atmosphere in the group.


See our rates in 2018.

Inspection report GGD

Additional safety information can be found in the latest inspection report of the Public Health Service (GGD).


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