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Kindergarden new owner Kinderhonk

As of May 1st we have taken over all 7 Kinderhonk centres in Amsterdam. Kindergarden and Kinderhonk share their vision of childcare and strive for high quality, both in terms of care and development. All Kinderhonk employees will be employed by Kindergarden.

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Low furniture opens up a new world

All Kindergarden centres have replaced part of the high furniture with low tables and chairs. β€˜The children like it! They learn a lot from each other.’

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Kindergarden Amsterdam Zuidas starts cooperation with Bolenius

Kindergarden Amsterdam Zuidas and restaurant Bolenius are starting a local collaboration. Both promote healthy, organic food. Letting children get accustomed to different flavours at a young age promotes a varied diet.

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Kindergarden Zuidas raises funds for het Babyhuis

The summer party at Kindergarden Zuidas was very well received. It was very nice to see the children enjoying the poffertjes, bouncing cushion and two performances of kleintje kunst. Everyone: very many thanks for the contributions to the Stichting het Babyhuis and your enthusiastic participation in the lottery! We can...

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