Childcare centre

Childcare Delft Reinier de Graaf

Childcare Delft Reinier de Graaf

 A unique location specifically designed with the child in mind. The many floor-to-ceiling windows ensure an abundance of natural light in the generous group areas, atmospheric central playing hall and workshop atelier. The eco-friendly building embraces the large nature discovery garden, a true eye-catcher, where your little one can play and explore freely. The grounds border on the green eco-zone of the Reinier de Graaf hospital.

 Kindergarden Delft Reinier de Graaf offers:

  • Childcare from 2 months to 4 years
  • Groups with peers (horizontal groups)
  • 3 baby groups (0 - 2 years)
  • 2 toddler groups (2 – 4 years)
  • 1 vertical group (0 t/m 4 years)
  • Early opening hours from 07.00 hrs.
  • Free private parking facilities
  • At the toddler group we offer the EarlyBird programme, letting children of 2,5 years and up get into contact with the English language.

 In addition to the centre at the Reinier de Graafweg, there are also centres at the Buitenhofdreef, Hugo de Grootstraat and Vulcanusweg.

Linda Hersbach

Centre manager Delft Reinier de Graaf

Linda Hersbach 1

020 423 54 22

Reinier de Graafweg 1a
2625 AD Delft
LRK number: 223207603
Rates, opening hours and inspection reports

Opening hours 

  • Monday - Friday: 7.30 to 18.30 hrs.
  • Drop off: between 07.30 and 09.00 hrs.
  • Pick up: between 17.00 and 18.30 hrs.

By sticking to regular times, there are fewer disruptions during the day. This encourages a calm atmosphere in the group.


See our rates for 2019.

Inspection report GGD

Additional safety information can be found in the latest inspection report of the Public Health Service (GGD).

At Kindergarden we pay high quality attention to the children and accommodate their individual needs. Kindergarden provides a place to grow up into a confident and competent child.”


Michèle Lockhorst

Centre manager Delft Reinier de Graaf