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Childcare centre

Kindergarden Eindhoven Hoogstraat

Kindergarden Eindhoven is very spacious, both inside and outside. There is a large central play area inside, adjacent to the patio. The many windows provide light and a good overview of the room. The harmonious colour schemes make the children and parents feel at home. In the wonderfully large, fenced garden, children can go play, cycle and sport.

There is a large, private parking lot. Kindergarden Eindhoven is very conveniently located: close to the town centre, the ring road around Eindhoven, the High Tech Campus and other major roads. There are several primary schools close by.

Kindergarden Eindhoven offers:

  • Day care and After school care from 2 months to 12 years
  • 2 baby groups (0 to 2 years)
  • 1 toddler groups (1 to 3 years)
  • 2 pre-school groups (2 to 4 years)
  • 1 toddler plus group (3+ years)
  • Large, private parking space; town centre and major roads close by

After school care

Our After school care in Eindhoven is housed at the Hoogstraat. During after school care we give your child the attention it needs as there is a maximum of 20 children in a group. That means peace and space to play; domesticity and small scale are paramount values to our dedicated team.

What is an afternoon like in After school care?

After school we always start with something to eat and drink while socializing and discussing the day. Then your child has plenty of time to participate in activities or spent the afternoon with an activity of his or her own choosing.


Getting rid of some bottled up energy after a busy school day is very important. We offer new activities daily: outdoor games, cooking, building huts. There are also workshops in the fields of sports, games, dance, theatre, nature and environment. Everything is possible here; also enjoying a quiet read.


We have a nice garden with enough space to play football or play tag. The big sandbox lends itself well to the finest sand and mud creations.

Friends’ day

During the holidays it is Friends’ day every day. This means that your child can bring along a boyfriend or girlfriend. In consultation this is also possible on regular school days.

Excursions during the holidays

During the holidays, we often organize excursions: miniature golf, puppet theatre, building huts in the forest or workshops at the centre such as making bird cakes, decorating candles and kids dance.

Daycare times

Regular day care hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 14:30 to 19:00 and Wednesday and Friday from 12:00 to 19:00.  During school holidays and study days your child is welcome from 7:00 to 19:00. On holidays we are closed.

Pick up

At after school care the children are picked up from school by an employee. Is your child younger than 4 years? Then you are also welcome to enjoy childcare with us.

Tadyurah Laturette

Centre manager Eindhoven

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Contact our Headquarter? Please call:
020 423 54 22

Hoogstraat 229
5654 NC Eindhoven

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Opening hours, LRK numbers and inspection report GGD

Opening hours

  • Monday - Friday: 7:00 to 19:00

Inspection report GGD

Additional safety information can be found in the latest inspection report of the Public Health Service (GGD) for the Child care center and the after school care.

LRK numbers

Childcare 228047912
After school care 140599800