Kinderopvang kindergarden 33
Kinderopvang kindergarden 33
laagzitten 02 jun

Low furniture opens up a new world

All Kindergarden centres have replaced part of the high furniture with low tables and chairs. ‘The children like it! They learn a lot from each other.’

After a successful pilot at the toddler- and pre-school groups in Arnhem, part of the high furniture has now been replaced by low tables and chairs in every centre. Also in Rotterdam everyone is happy with the furniture at child height. Pedagogical staff member Davinia: ‘It opens up a whole new world for the children. They suddenly have much more freedom of movement. That is so nice. However, they can now easily leave the table during mealtimes, which everybody had to get used to. The rules associated with mealtimes differ to those of playtime.’

Toddlers are capable of much more

laagzitten2‘Even the toddlers become more indepen¬dent. In addition, it is nice to see that they are capable of a lot more than we think. Children are much more mobile when they sit at a low table. Have they finished their drawing? Then the seat is slid back and they can leave the table. They are no longer dependent on us.“

All children learn from each other

Also pedagogical staff member Stephanie is happy about the changes. ‘The furnitu¬re is always visible and accessible to the children. That creates clarity. Pre-schoolers have plenty of freedom to move around: they can get their projects from the cup¬board and place them on the table at the same height. And because everything hap¬pens at child height, all children learn from each other. They see each other play, focus on projects and eat together in peace. That is interesting to do, too!’

Care to know more? Or see yourself?

Do you want to see the low furniture for yourself? Our centre managers will show them with pleasure and tell you more about our philosophy.

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Every child is different; has its own personality - that is our focus”

Janne de Ruiter Amsterdam Vondelstraat

Janne de Ruiter

region manager
Janne de Ruiter Amsterdam Vondelstraat