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Kinderopvang Kindergarden
Kinderopvang Kindergarden
26 31 aug

Independent children? Start cuddling!

Cuddling with your child? As much as possible! Did you know that besides love and safety, also cuddling has a positive effect on the development of independence, self-confidence and the attachment to parents?

Trust is important

The bond between parent and child is strengthened by cuddling and touching. It is important that the child feels he can trust you as a parent and he feels safe to come to you. For a child, physical contact is proof of physical and emotional safety. It ensures that he will be able to commit to relationships later and to love himself.

Positive self-image

Love and security are prerequisites for healthy (socio-)emotional development. It is important that your child grows older with a positive self-image and feels that it deserves the affection of others. A child with self-confidence dares more and is more independent.

Uninhibited children

At Kindergarden it is our ambition to see babies grow up to be uninhibited children with a positive self-image. By providing sincere attention and loving care a baby can develop well at Kindergarden. That is for example why we feed babies on the lap as much as possible. We pay much attention to the child during the one on one play and care moments, such as the changing and putting to bed. During these moments our full attention is focused on the child. We follow the initiatives and hereby adjust our pace. By supporting actions with words, the child knows what is happening at that moment and what is to come. This gives confidence and a sense of security.

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Children have the inherent need to develop, which we respond to perfectly”

Femke Rutjes Kindergarden Arnhem

Femke Rutjes

Centre manager Arnhem
Femke Rutjes Kindergarden Arnhem