kinderopvang kindergarden 22
kinderopvang kindergarden 22
18 21 jun

More peace and fun at home

It is nice when everything runs smoothly at home. Not always easy in the hectic family life with young children. Therefore 5 tips to help you along a bit:

1. Good preparation

Good preparation is half the job. Go through the week every Sunday evening and plan everything logistically with your partner, for example. And prepare what you can for school bags, breakfast, clothes. Or make food for two days because you know that the day after tomorrow is hectic and late. That really saves you a lot of stress!

2. Smart planning/organizing

Write down things that have to happen on a calendar, make a continuous shopping list and bundle activities such as ironing, administration and chores in the house on a scheduled part of the day instead of just a little bit here and there. Do not burden yourself and your children with a packed agenda. Less is more!

3. Routines

Routines for daily returning things in the home provide clarity, regularity, guidance and rest. Fixed orders for the morning and evening ritual prevent a lot of hassle. For small children it is very nice and fun when you use photos or pictures to indicate the steps of, for example, the morning ritual.

4. Basic agreements

Candy moments, TV times, bed times, savoury or sweet on bread; it can cause a lot of unrest in the house. Fixed basic agreements concerning this type of recurring 'battles' provide clarity and much less struggle.

5. Take your time

"Hurry up ..." or "Come on, we'll be late ..." oh, how often we hear ourselves say this. I really cannot give a better tip than just taking some more time for what has to happen. Get up early, start well on time before departure and go to bed on time. Simple and effective, if we only did it.

6. Pick your battles

You can worry about everything, but you might as well not. It has helped me tremendously since I decided to let go a lot more. That makes it a lot easier and more comfortable. Just do some things yourself, do not make a point of everything, but limit yourself to the things that really matter. Discarded shoes in the middle of the room again? Okay, I'll just pick them up again. The room a mess? Close that bedroom door! Always a hassle in the supermarket? Schedule doing the groceries without children or order them online in hectic times. And so there are many more possibilities :)

We'd love to hear how you handle this at home, sharing is fun!

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