When do we eat? When will mum arrive? Each age group has its own rhythm. That's why your child is part of a group with peers. A fixed schedule in the infant and toddler groups provides a safe and secure feeling, supporting the children’s development.

Rhythm of home

A baby doesn’t sleep and eat at fixed times yet. Our childcare centres therefore have separate baby groups where everything is arranged in a way to help us keep up with the rhythm that your child is accustomed to at home.

Aiming at a fixed schedule

From the first year on, we are slowly working towards a fixed daily schedule. How and when we do so, happens in consultation with you. Children in the infant and toddler groups eat together three times a day at fixed times, and play outside in the garden at least once a day. It’s wonderful to have a run and get rid of some energy in the fresh air!


At each Kindergarden centre, there is a:

  • baby group: 2 months to 2 years
  • infant group: 1 to 3 years
  • toddler group: 2 to 4 years

The number of groups depends on the size of the centrecentre.


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When he is not able to follow the other children's rhythm, I am glad none of the teachers express any problems with him being able to have his own rhythm. ”

Paula Vieira de Almeida

Mother of Giovanni - Kindergarden Hoofddorp