13 KG kinderen en PM little detail photography 13 lowres
13 KG kinderen en PM little detail photography 13 lowres

New sounds, smells and sights - every child needs to get used to all the stimuli and impressions of a different environment, and maybe you do, too. Your child's first day at childcare is a new adventure.

Warm welcome

Together with your child, you are welcome to stop by sometime to get used to the centre of your choice. This often happens in combination with the interview. The centre manager will greet you and let you and your child get acquainted with the new environment, the group room, the staff members and the other children.

Start date

From the start date onwards, your child can stay all day. You are welcome to bring your child for a shorter period for their first two days. We know from experience that children tend to settle in easier when they are allowed to do so gradually and at their own pace, and parents often feel reassured by this transitional time too.

Familiar faces

We recognize that the open, warm, and friendly approach staff members plays a vital role in making your child feel comfortable and secure. We also attach great importance to having a team of permanent staff members to build trust and rapport with the children.

Moving on to another group

Kindergarden has a baby, infant, and toddler group. When your child moves on to the next group, the pedagogical staff will make sure the transitional process is as comfortable as possible, building the number of hours in the new group up slowly.



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It is not only that the employees are professional, but they go beyond responsibility and express love and kindness. ”

Paula Vieira de Almeida

Mother of Giovanni - Kindergarden Hoofddorp