13 KG kinderen en PM little detail photography 13 lowres
13 KG kinderen en PM little detail photography 13 lowres

Separate play areas, toys on your child's eye level, rooms for separate age groups, daily hot lunch – we underpin everything we do with a pedagogical approach. Pedagogy is the science and art of education, and something all of our staff are trained in.
Kindergarden’s pedagogical policy embraces the most valuable insights and principles of Rudolph Steiner, Emmi Pikler, Thomas Gordon, Loris Malaguzzi and Maria Montessori. The practical implementation can be found in Wereldwijs, our educational program.

Highlights of our approach

-Fostering independence
Children have a natural need for self-development. They are guided by their own likes and dislikes, and learn to make their own choices, becoming ever more confident. For all activities, the process is more important than the result. It is important that children learn, experience, and discover for themselves, under careful supervision but with minimal interference.

-Listening to each other
The views of children count at Kindergarden. Children are encouraged to be themselves, and their individual experiences and feelings are taken seriously. We teach children to look out for each other and to take responsibility.

Respectful communication is important for a positive self-image. By asking specific questions, we engaged with the child rather than simply listen, invite them to tell and reflect. We do not ask: ‘What did you do yesterday?’, but rather: ‘I hear you've been to the zoo. What animals did you see there?’. Communication also plays an important role in preparing children for activities and increasing their own understanding of what they do.


We pay close attention to the developmental progress of your child and adjust our approach according to their needs. Our educational program Wereldwijs offers our staff members guidance to provide stimulation for every area of your child's development.

How do we put our pedagogical policy in practice?

A few examples:

  • Domestic atmosphere to create confidence and peace
  • Fixed daily routine so that your child knows what to expect
  • Permanent staff members in the group, so that your child does not have to get used to more new faces than necessary
  • Toys at eye level, which your child can reach. We help children to "do it themselves" and choose
  • Private vegetable garden which contributes to learning to care for the world around you
  • Hot lunch for developing healthy eating habits
  • Variety of activities to help your child find out what it likes


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