At Kindergarden children learn to take care of themselves. For example, before and after eating, and after playing outside, they wash their hands. We make every effort to have and maintain hygiene at the highest possible level - the same goes for safety.

Additional guidelines

Kindergarden meets the legal requirements for (fire) safety and has additional guidelines to ensure safety wherever possible.

  • Child-friendly furnishing Safe toys, door strips, rounded corners of furniture, secure sockets, child gates - everything has been thought through carefully
  • First Aid All (deputy) centre managers have a valid first aid (EHBO) and emergency response (BHV) diploma. Permanent pedagogical staff members have first aid (EHBO) training for children
  • Access Parents will receive an access code, visitors need to ring at the door
  • Specific rules For each location you will find an evacuation plan. Obviously, we meet the legally required four-eye principle which states that there should always be an adult able to watch and listen in


Hygiene at the highest possible level

Hygiene rules of the Public Health Service (GGD) are specifically defined for each centre and are tested every year. In order to ensure hygiene, we provide the following:

  • Bedroom and living room are separated
  • Every child has its own bed with clean sheets and own sleeping bag
  • Continuous ventilation
  • Cuddly toys and other toys are washed every week
  • No eating and drinking in baby changing places
  • CO2 meters to monitor air quality
  • Permanent household staff member who cleans the rooms daily

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