13 KG kinderen en PM little detail photography 13 lowres
13 KG kinderen en PM little detail photography 13 lowres

Our educational programme is designed to encourage the natural curiosity of children, and all the activities we offer play a part in this. We ask the children questions, challenge them and match themes and activities to each individual’s stage of development. We adapt our planning to the interests of your child, so they can follow their own initiative or choose a different approach to an activity.


We see opportunities for the children to develop everywhere. For example, the daily fruit snack not only aids sensory development (taste, touch, see), but also language development by talking about it; cognitive development by indicating where the fruit grows; motor development by peeling the fruit and social development by eating it together.

Permanent and special themes

Holidays and seasons naturally return every year, but we also work with a different theme every month. We invent new themes, such as The Body or Oriental fairy tales. We do crafts, dance, sing or act. To bring a theme to life, we often invite in a professional, for example a musician or a chef, or visit a local business.


We offer a wide range of activities, including

  • Reading aloud (sometimes by the librarian!)
  • Role play and imitation play
  • Singing and making music
  • Morning gymnastics and yoga for children
  • Outdoor play
  • Painting and drawing
  • Sowing and harvesting in the vegetable garden

Are you curious?

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Children are challenged and inspired... by toys, games, dancing, singing and movement.”

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Patricia-Nicole van Handenhove

Mother of Mees - Rotterdam
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