Our gardens are an adventure!

Playing outdoors isn’t only healthy, your child learns and plays differently than they do indoors. That’s why we pay as much attention to our gardens as we do to the design of our indoor spaces. And we go outdoors every day, whatever the weather. Because isn’t jumping in puddles just as much fun as playing in the sandpit when it’s sunny?

Running, climbing, jumping

Outdoors, children have more freedom, they move more and feel more independent. When they play outdoors it’s mainly with other children, making friends, having arguments, resolving these, and learning to stand up for themselves. They come up with their own things to do outside, unaware that they’re practicing their agility when running, climbing, jumping, sliding, throwing, catching, kicking, and swinging. They enjoy balancing, crawling, dodging, and estimating distances. They also discover nature in the garden, which is why you can find all the elements of nature in our gardens (water, earth, air, and fire). There’s space to enjoy being together, space to play hide-and-seek or to be on your own, and there are lots of sunny and shady areas. Some of our gardens even have their own sports pitch. All these activities really stimulate your child’s gross motor skills.  

From baby garden to bamboo forest

The basic elements of our gardens are: the willow tunnel, the circuit, the three-pointed playhouse, the bamboo forest, the sandpit, and the safe and separate baby garden. We also assess any other options for each garden. Maybe a climbing frame? A barefoot path? If a location doesn’t have many garden options, we may consider creating a roof garden. We then design this entirely in line with the prescribed regulations so we can still play outside a lot. 

A Kindergarden garden really invites children to start discovering and playing.

Hiske van Dijk
Location manager at Kindergarden

Together in the vegetable garden

It’s really important that children learn about and care for nature. Children enjoy investigating all the things that are present in nature. We teach them that animals and insects are usually not scary and, more importantly, that we need them for a sustainable future! Many locations also have their own vegetable garden, which we take care of with the children. Sowing seeds together, taking care of plants and harvesting is actually really educational and delicious. We make something delicious from everything we harvest, from mint water to strawberry jam, or we add our herbs to create a delicious pizza. 

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