The foundation of our approach

Each child needs attention and guidance to develop. In ‘Wereldwijs’, our childcare program, we explain how we offer that attention and guidance and why we work like this. As we have developed, detailed, and recorded everything in a well-thought-out way, ‘Wereldwijs’ offers the perfect guidance for our childcare staff. This program ensures that, as parent, you know which development points we will be focusing on. In a nutshell, this involves providing an educational environment entirely aligned to your child’s experiences. We also provide a clear daily routine and optimal group structure.

Based on confidence

Your child has a bond with you as parent and when your child feels safe, they will learn independently and will have confidence in their environment. When they feel confident children look around themselves with curiosity, listen carefully to new sounds, and are always ready to discover and develop. Not only as an individual, but also within a group. Our professional staff does everything possible to provide this feeling of safety from the start, by giving attention and by offering appropriate play equipment in our educational environment. 

Second nature

A little eye contact, a pat on the head, or responding when your child needs a little TLC…. That’s second nature to our childcare staff. It’s vital that there’s a good relationship and interaction between our staff and your child, as children start to develop through their interaction with staff, and the interaction between children. This means looking and listening and giving your child the right feedback.

Going a step further

We have a lot of respect for your child at Kindergarden. We look continuously at what your child needs and at the intentions of their behavior. We treat your child in a loving and positive way and try to set a good example. For instance, we talk a lot and explain things. We always try to challenge your child to go that step further, but we don’t force this.

Rest and activity

Our childcare program is in line with the visions of Pikler, Montessori, Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Riksen-Walraven. They all place the emphasis on development and what they call the ‘well-being’ of children. They recommend a good daily routine that offers sufficient variation between rest and activities. Our educational environment is a good match for this and supports our staff in their contact with your child.

Becoming independent

The process itself is key in everything we offer your child. Their growth toward independence always comes first. The great thing is that children are always working on their own development. They develop in a wide range of areas when we offer ‘normal’ learning experiences. This also means that Kindergarden achieves Marianne Riksen-Walraven’s basic childcare objectives as stated in the Childcare Act.

Horizontal groups are better

Our choice for a horizontal group structure is entirely in line with our daycare center vision. A horizontal group structure is an excellent way to offer your child a safe environment; an environment that meets your child’s needs and stimulates them to learn new things and set out on a voyage of discovery. It’s also good to know that, for many years, the National Quality Monitor for Childcare Centers has shown that horizontal groups are better than vertical groups for both babies and older children. This is because we can design the interior specifically to meet the children’s needs. Emotional and educational quality is also higher in horizontal groups.

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Our childcare staff is our greatest asset

At Kindergarden we give your child all the specific attention they need throughout the day. Loving, undivided attention… We talk gently and maintain eye contact. We talk about what we are doing and what your child is doing, whether we’re feeding your child on our laps, changing diapers, taking them to bed or waking them up, and during play and discovery. We’re proud of all our staff who surround your child with the very best possible care at all times. As well as being incredibly committed, they enjoy sharing their childcare knowledge and experience with you. They are our greatest asset!

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Why horizontal groups at Kindergarden childcare?

Did you know that a baby plays and learns with its whole body? Preferably in a calm environment? And that infants need to burn energy to develop strength and coordination? And toddlers? Yes, they mainly want to do everything by themselves. They learn to share through play and gradually start to understand their own responsibilities. In a nutshell: everything in every child’s world makes an impression - and everything also has influence. And that’s why our locations use horizontal groups.

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