Why horizontal groups at Kindergarden childcare?

Did you know that a baby plays and learns with its whole body in a childcare environment? Preferably in a calm environment? And that infants need to burn energy to develop strength and coordination? And toddlers? Yes, they mainly want to do everything by themselves. They learn to share through play and gradually start to understand their own responsibilities. In a nutshell: everything in every child’s world makes an impression – and everything also has influence. And that’s why our childcare locations use horizontal groups.

Horizontal groups at Kindergarden

The children in our horizontal groups are all of a similar age. We offer baby, infant, toddler, and toddler plus groups. We work with horizontal groups because each developmental phase requires a different approach, and with such groups we can give your child all the attention they need.

All the conditions are in place to allow each child to develop optimally. Enriched learning spaces and sensitive staff. It's wonderful to see that our full attention is directed towards this every day.

Pedagogical Coach

Our group structure

Each Kindergarden location has at least a baby, infant, and a toddler group, but often much more, depending on the size of the location. Where possible we also offer an older toddler group. Where this isn’t feasible, we organize specific activities tailored to the oldest toddlers.

Our horizontal group images

  • Climbing (and pulling) up on the baby group

    Zodra een baby kan kruipen hebben ze de neiging al te willen gaan klauteren en klimmen.

  • Climbing on the infant group

    Toddlers have an enormous need to move. They can climb and slide to their heart's content.

  • Climbing on the (older) toddler group

    Toddlers are developing and therefore also try to push their limits while climbing.

  • Playing at the older toddler group

    Toddlers are playing together more and more and our shop is the perfect meeting place for this!

  • Playing at the toddler group

    Imitation and fantasy often come together when the toddlers get to work in our kitchen corner

  • Playing at the baby group

    A large, flat play mat so that your child can develop from the supine position.

  • Playing at the infant group

    Always with its own climbing and clambering corner tailored to the development phase of a toddler

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