Find the perfect childcare centre for your child

Welcome to Kindergarden, where our childcare staff give your child loving, undivided attention. We’ve thought about everything. From the way the groups are structured, to our educational programme and the adventure gardens where your child can explore nature. There’s a reason we say: it’s all in the details. Read here about how we can make a difference for your child at our childcare centres.

Discovering the world through play with loving, professional guidance

Every child needs attention and guidance to reach their full potential. In our Wereldwijs educational programme, we explain how we provide that attention and guidance at our childcare centre, and the reasons for our method. Thanks to this programme, you as a parent will know about the development points that our attention is focused on. In short: we provide a rich learning environment, completely attuned to your child’s experiences.

More about our methods

Our employees are our greatest strength

At Kindergarden, we give your child the attention it needs at the time. Our staff give their loving, undivided attention. They are our greatest strength!

Stay informed

We use our special app to keep you informed about your child’s day. We let you know how much your child has drunk, you can see when and how much your child has slept and of course we share photos with you too. That way you can keep a close eye on things.

How do you go about choosing the best childcare centre for your child?

You’re confronted with a lot of information when you start your search for childcare. We are happy to help you make your choice. You can use this checklist to make sure you know what to look out for, so that you can take your child to the centre without any worries.
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This is how we make a difference for your child at our daycare center

Interior and play equipment grows with your child
Walk into any of the groups and you’ll see clearly marked corners and play equipment everywhere. They invite you to investigate and play! We’d be delighted to tell you how we use our furniture at the locations. Like the play equipment, we ensure that this grows with your child.
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Why does Kindergarden use horizontal groups?
Everything in every child’s world makes an impression – and everything also has influence. And that’s why our daycare locations use horizontal groups.
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What about a healthy diet?
Like you, we think a healthy and varied diet is very important. We encourage your child to get used to different flavors, which is vital in developing healthy eating patterns. Our cleaning staff prepares a fresh, hot lunch every day at most of our locations.
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Our gardens are an adventure!
Playing outdoors isn’t only healthy, your child learns and plays differently than they do indoors. That’s why we pay as much attention to our gardens as we do to the design of our indoor spaces. And we go outdoors every day, whatever the weather. 
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What does childcare cost?

Obviously, as a parent or parent-to-be, you would like to know the cost of childcare at Kindergarden. The rates for childcare may vary per location. You can use our calculation tool to work out your net childcare costs.