Kindergarden is committed to providing children with healthy and varied meals. The household staff members prepare a warm, fresh lunch at the centre each day. We all have lunch together, in order to act as an example for the children.

At Kindergarden, your child eats healthy and varied food:

  • Freshly prepared, hot lunch
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruit
  • Sustainable and pure ingredients where possible
  • Healthy snacks such as cucumber, bell pepper and carrots
  • Meat and dairy? Not too much and always biological

Does your child have any allergies?

Your child may have a particular sensitivity to foods, such as milk or gluten. The household staff member will adjust the meal according to your child’s needs. We do not charge for this service.

Hot lunch

A fresh, hot meal at lunchtime is naturally healthy. It can also come in handy for you - after an especially busy day, you could choose to have an easy meal in the evening, knowing that your child has already had a large share of their required daily vitamins.

Prefer a sandwich?

A hot meal does not contain any more calories than a sandwich, yet it contains more nutrients - a healthy choice. However, if you would prefer for your child to eat a sandwich at lunchtime, we can provide this option.

Own vegetable garden

Each Kindergarden centre has its own vegetable garden. By sowing and harvesting together, your child learns where fruits and vegetables come from and to eat consciously. A healthy, tasty treat? Our pedagogical staff members are happy to inspire you!


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My daughter is not an easy eater. But since day 1 at Kindergarden, she eats better and almost everything at home. She wants to taste a little more often, and sometimes even finishes her whole plate!”


Annemarie mother of Pleun

Kindergarden Driebergen