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Looking for childcare raises all kinds of questions. That is why we have put together the most frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not listed here, or do you prefer personal contact? Then contact us by telephone on 020 - 423 54 22.

Do you have places available?

  • We often work with waiting lists

At most centres we work with waiting lists because all places are currently filled. To make a new place available to you, we depend on cancellations or changes to the schedule. This makes it very difficult to estimate how long it will take before placement opportunities arise. We offer places based on the registration date.

"How many people are on the waiting list ahead of me?" Also difficult to say. Children of all ages are on the waiting list and we work with horizontal groups. As soon as a place becomes available that meets your wishes, we naturally offer it to you.
We work with two types of waiting lists: a priority waiting list for brothers and sisters and for requests for extra days from already placed children and a general one for children who have not yet been placed at Kindergarden.

  • When will I hear if there is a place available?

Are you looking for a place in the short term? Then we will look into what the options are in our planning. At busier centres, we often work around 4 months in advance. Is there a waiting list? Then we are dependent on cancellations / changes in the planning to get new places available.

Are you pregnant and is it further away? At Kindergarden we work with horizontal groups, which has an effect on how far we can plan ahead. Horizontal means that children move on to the next group at a certain moment. Because we take into account the development, the age of the children and the days that a child spends in childcare, we look 4 to 6 months ahead depending on the busyness at the site. In addition, so much can change in a schedule. Factors of influence, for example: registering brothers / sisters (priority), changing children who have already been placed (exchanging or extending days) and cancellations.

  • What are the chances that I will get a place?

That depends on various factors: desired days, how many days it concerns and how flexible you are. For example, a chance of a place for 1 day is greater than for 3 or 4 days in one go. The more flexible you are as a parent, the greater the chance that we can make you an offer.


  • When should I register for the waiting list?

We advise you to register your child as soon as possible to increase the chance of a place. We take your wish into account in the planning and of course do our utmost to be of assistance to you.

  • Is the registration a guarantee that I actually have a place?

We do our utmost to realize a place for you. But unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will have a place available on the preferred days immediately from the desired start date.

  • Are there costs associated with placing my child on the waiting list and / or registering?

No, registering for the waiting list is free of charge and without obligation.

  • Are there cancellation fees?

There are no cancellation fees attached to the registration. Once you have signed the contract as parents, you can still cancel the place free of charge up to 1 month before placement. Otherwise we apply a cancellation period of 1 month.

  • Do I have to register with multiple organizations?

It is always wise to register with multiple organizations.

General questions

  • What are the costs for the daycare?

We apply a fixed price per month for the number of childcare days per week. We are open 11 hours a day. The monthly price remains the same regardless of the number of hours per day that your child actually goes to daycare. The costs per month can vary per centre. You can find the rates per centre on our website.

  • How is your monthly rate structured?

We calculate from an annual amount. The final annual amount is spread out over 12 months. As a result, the same monthly amount is billed every month.

  • Am I entitled to childcare allowance? How much childcare allowance will I receive?

This depends on various factors, including the income of the parents. You can apply for childcare allowance through the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst). They determine whether you are eligible for the childcare allowance and what the possible amount is. You can make a test calculation on the website of the Belastingdienst to see if you as a parent are entitled to childcare allowance. To make the test calculation, you need the following information which you can find on our rates pages.

  1. number of hours per day / month
  2. average hourly rate
  3. monthly price.
  • Do you offer flexible contracts? (every other week, half days, flexible days, 40-week contracts, only holiday periods childcare)

No, we do not offer flexible contracts. This has to do with the fact that we have waiting lists at most centres. In addition, we believe it is very important to be able to guarantee peace and continuity on the group. There are exceptions. These are entirely dependent on which centre you are interested in.

  • The rates of your centres are not the same everywhere. Why?

This has to do with various factors: the location of the centre, for example, the rent of the building or the competition in the neighbourhood.

  • What are the Kindergarden opening times?

The regular opening times are from 7:30 AM to 18:30 PM. Do you need extended childcare? Then you can apply for extra quarters of an hour at a charge from 7:00 am to 7:30 am and 18:30 pm to 19:00 pm.

  • How do you deal with exchanges and extra days?

In principle, exchanging days is not possible at Kindergarden, unless the centre manager makes an exception. You can always submit a request. Requesting incidental exchange and / or extra days is always handled by the centre.

  • Do BSO contracts include full day care during study days and / or school holidays?

With a BSO contract, we offer childcare after school hours. Depending on when the school ends, children are picked up by a pedagogical staff member around that time. During school holidays and / or study days, children are welcome throughout the day at the BSO. The same times apply as at the daycare centre: 07:30-18:30. This only applies to the contract days. If, for example, a study day falls outside your contract day, it can be determined in consultation with the centre manager whether this extra day can be requested.

  • Do you work with horizontal or vertical groups?

We work with horizontal groups. This means that the groups are classified by age. There are baby groups (0-2 years), toddler groups (1-3 years) and pre-school groups (2-4 years). A number of centres also have a pre-school plus group (from 2.5 years old). This way we fit in better with the ages and needs of the children. The spaces, materials and activities are specially designed to meet the development needs of children in these age phases. We also look at what each individual child needs, regardless of the group in which it belongs.

  • How many pedagogical staff members are in the group?

This can vary per centre and per group. It depends on the number of children in a group and the age relationships within the group. The GGD has drawn up fixed guidelines for this, which we use. The Professional Child Power Ratio (Beroepskracht-Kind-Ratio; BKR) is legally determined and the rules for this can be found on

Existing customers

  • Do I get a discount for a second child?

No, there is no discount for a second child. With a second child, as a parent, you will receive relatively more childcare allowance through the Belastingdienst.

  • How do I register my second or next child at Kindergarden?

You can request registration via the Parent Portal. It is of course also possible by telephone or by mail via We would like to hear when you are approximately due and when you would like to start the daycare. This way we can put you on the waiting list and inform you in time about the availability of the desired days and the start date.

  • How can I cancel my contract?

You can always cancel if you only take 1 month's notice period into account. This month also applies if you do a partial cancellation: 1 day less, for example. We would like to receive your message by mail via or via the Parent Portal.

  • How can I reach the group?

The telephone number of the centre where you are a customer is in the Parent Portal and in the Parent app.

  • I have lost the PIN code to access the app

No problem, the PIN code is in general: 2110. With your own login details you can continue to log in to make the app active again.

  • I have a complaint

We are happy to help you! Of course we will do everything to see if we can solve the problem with you or together with the centre manager! You can call us on the number 020-423 54 22.

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