Existing customers

  • Do I get a discount for a second child?

No, there is no discount for a second child. With a second child, as a parent, you will receive relatively more childcare allowance through the Belastingdienst.

  • How do I register my second or next child at Kindergarden?

You can request registration via the Parent Portal. It is of course also possible by telephone or by mail via info@kindergarden.nl. We would like to hear when you are approximately due and when you would like to start the daycare. This way we can put you on the waiting list and inform you in time about the availability of the desired days and the start date.

  • How can I cancel my contract?

You can always cancel if you only take 1 month's notice period into account. This month also applies if you do a partial cancellation: 1 day less, for example. We would like to receive your message by mail via info@kindergarden.nl or via the Parent Portal.

  • How can I reach the group?

The telephone number of the centre where you are a customer is in the Parent Portal and in the Parent app.

  • I have lost the PIN code to access the app

No problem, the PIN code is in general: 2110. With your own login details you can continue to log in to make the app active again.

  • I have a complaint

We are happy to help you! Of course we will do everything to see if we can solve the problem with you or together with the centre manager! You can call us on the number 020-423 54 22.

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