Kindergarden supports Het Babyhuis (The Baby House)

At Kindergarden, we’re reminded every day of how important it is for a child to grow up in a safe environment right from the start, surrounded by love, attention and security. Sadly, not all children experience this safe start to their lives. Instead, they grow up surrounded by fear and insecurity. That’s why Kindergarden supports Het Babyhuis (The Baby House), to help these children also get all the love and opportunities that they deserve.

Safe, warm and loving

Het Babyhuis provides a safe, warm and loving home to babies who otherwise would not receive the love and attention they need. Parents who have no other option than to put their children into care then have the space to try and get their lives back into balance again. Het Babyhuis focuses on restoring the bond between a child and their biological parents.

Want to know more?

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