What do we offer during the vacation periods?

After-school care offer care after school hours but also during school vacation periods (if you have a contract for this). Our locations are open all day during school vacations and study days. Of course, we adapt our range of activities to this. And we do this together with the children because they’re the best at coming up with fun things to do!

Creating the program together

We create a fixed daily program during the vacation period. The broad outlines are in place, but each location works out the details for itself; often together with the children. After all, they’re the ones who know what they like the best. We also see it as a learning process. Preparing the program involves cooperating, negotiating, and taking each other into account. A great learning experience!

Themes: DIY, Kindergarden’s Got Talent...

Each vacation has its own theme. Some of the favorite themes are Robinson, DIY, or Kindergarden’s got Talent. We devise a diverse range of activities within each theme. The children choose what they want to do each day.

Workshops: graffiti, making soap...

If you want to, you can just play every day during the vacation period, but we also offer workshops, organized by our childcare staff, taking into account the age differences, and differing interests between boys and girls. How cool is it to take part in a graffiti workshop? Bake delicious cakes? Or learn to make soap, try tie dying some clothing, or take part in a 3D printing workshop? What would your child choose? 

Project: hut building, video clip...

Cooperating is an important part of children’s development in all age groups. That’s why in each vacation period we have at least one project in which we work together, where each child undertakes tasks at their own level. Children can cooperate in many different ways. From creating a musical to building wooden huts together, or producing a real video clip.

Trips outside the location

We also take regular trips - it is vacation time, after all. Our outings are always a combination of education and fun. Trips could include an exciting treasure hunt using geocaching in the neighborhood or visiting a local beekeeper. Or we could go to a museum because it’s fun and instructive for all ages. We plan our trips carefully and match them to the children’s ages and development. And, of course, they’re always accompanied by our childcare staff.

Great plans

For many children (and parents) it’s good to know in advance what the day or week will involve. That’s why we always send you the schedule of activities, workshops, and trips in the week prior to a vacation.