Our staff is our greatest asset

Well-trained, enthusiastic creatives… Our after-school care staff is unique because they all bring their own passions and talents and use these to challenge your child to take part in simply amazing activities. They enjoy sharing their expertise and they keep developing their childcare knowledge via our Kindergarden Academy.

Versatile teams

Children in the four to twelve age range start to become more aware of their choices and start developing their identity, talents, interests, and preferences. That’s why we place a real focus on the composition of our after-school care teams. Each member of staff brings their own passions and talents, whether that’s for nature, technology, theater, sport, or cooking. And this versatility is our strength. When you’re able to pass on your talent, expertise, and knowledge to children every day and you see children enjoying this, it makes working as a childcare employee even more fun.

Our staff members are artists, gym tutors, yoga instructors, have theater expertise, or green fingers. They complement each other in expertise, talent, and interest and that’s reflected in the varied and challenging range of activities we offer.

Rianne Slagmolen
Location manager at BSO Houten Tuibrug

Confidence in each other

We give our childcare staff the confidence and space to create and develop whatever fun and instructive daily program they think is appropriate, every single day. They help the children discover their talents and interests through play, so they keep on developing. And our staff passes on that very same confidence that we have in them to the children.

We follow the children in what they like doing. Connecting with them and sometimes doing that bit extra to make the afternoon (or vacation day) the best ever. That, for me, is Kindergarden after-school care.

Evelien Martens
Childcare staff BSO at Kindergarden

Continuous development

Of course, what applies to our children also applies to our staff. That’s why our Kindergarden Academy offers a huge range of training and development opportunities. These are a great match for our after-school care staff’s developmental needs and include training in child participation, children’s yoga, and technology workshops. 

We form Kindergarden together

Every Kindergarden location operates in the same way. We compose our teams in the same way, with everyone having their own specialism. And, as they receive optimal support from group colleagues, our after-school care staff can focus entirely on the children. For instance, our cleaning staff helps prepare the buffet and snacks and the after-school care coordinator and location manager are responsible for supervising staff, administration, and for answering practical questions from parents. Working together like this ensures that we have all the time we need to guide and help your child develop.

Get to know our location team

Read here which team members could be working at a Kindergarden location.

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