Playing outdoors is important

Playing outdoors is not only healthy for children, but did you know that it also improves their immunity and concentration? Moreover, they tend to learn and play differently outdoors than indoors. That’s why our after-school care offers the option to enjoy playing outside every day.’

Playing outdoors is freedom

Your child really experiences a sense of freedom and independence outdoors. Children learn to play together, make choices, and also get to know themselves better. Sports become more important to children the older they get, and we tailor our program to this. We often have a childcare staff member who specializes in ‘sport’ at many of our locations.

Social learning process

Children mainly play with other children when playing outdoors. They make friends and come up with things to do outside. Take the phrase: “The floor is lava!” Children make their own rules and make sure that everyone sticks to these. Playing together doesn’t always just go by itself. Many children negotiate which game they want to play and, as each child has their own preferences, this does sometimes lead to conflicts, which they resolve together. That goes with the territory. It enables them to learn what they like and don’t like. It’s a great and social learning process, taking others into consideration and holding your ground!

Creativity: oops, what now?

Creativity also develops outdoors. The unexpected situations that arise challenge the children to be creative and take others into account where necessary. They really learn from those situations that don’t go entirely as they expected – even if they have to change tack sometimes.

Stepping out boldly

The children can try out many things outdoors and it really inspires their imagination. How can you get over that ditch without using the bridge and without getting your feet wet? Devising alternatives is great fun and challenging. It encourages children to be creative. That’s why playing outdoors is so good for them. At Kindergarden, we encourage children to be daring and take risks (while bearing safety in mind, of course!). It’s exciting to learn to light a fire sometimes, isn’t it? Or to seek your boundaries, use your capacity to solve things, and learn how to jump over that ditch in the neighborhood?

Outside the location

Not every Kindergarden after-school care location has a large outside space. That’s a pity, but it also offers opportunities. Since the children are old enough to do so, we all go out somewhere together instead. We visit that fun playground in the neighborhood, or that park around the corner. We’re really good at finding the best places in the neighborhood.