The studio, the Kids’ kitchen, the Hoe? Zo! (How? Like this!) Lab - that’s how we do that!

Our after-school care locations offer all the space your child needs and this is largely due to the different spaces and corners we create. Which spaces and/or corners does the Kindergarden after-school care location have? 

Hoe? Zo! (How? Like this!) Lab

Investigating, experimenting, and discovering; it’s all possible in our laboratory! Children can immerse themselves in biology, physics, chemistry, and technology by doing experiments. For instance, there’s a 3D printing pen, a microscope and technical Lego. Or we help them program robots. And they can also take care of animals or plants together with the childcare staff in our unique Hoe? Zo! (How? Like this!) Lab.

Kids’ kitchen

A real kids’ kitchen with everything at a child’s height. The children learn to chop, knead, bake, and work together. We teach them all about healthy ingredients, working independently, and following recipes. Teaching them new skills like this enables us to really offer them something for the future.


Our children can really give free rein to their fantasy and creativity here. They’re free to choose what they want to make and we challenge them by offering different types of materials including wood, bricks, clay, paint, or Ecoline. We also offer them tools and teach them to work with these. We also do arts and crafts and drawing, as well as designing, shaping, and building. The children really create things with their minds and their hands.

Fantasy room

A fantastic space where each child can completely live out their fantasy. Face-painting and singing are among the options. The piano is often a favorite, and with all the stage props and costumes, the kids put on some fantastic performances. 

Outside space

Playing outdoors isn’t only healthy, children tend to learn and play differently indoors than they do outdoors. When a child plays outside all their senses are on alert. They experience more freedom and independence and are more likely to push their boundaries. Together with our childcare staff, children learn to light a fire, handle water, climb trees, and do DIY or gardening. 

Computer room

Children in this generation grow up using computers. We want to help ensure that they handle computers, the internet, and social media independently and responsibly.


Time out. A bit of me-time, quietly reading a magazine or book. There’s a huge choice on offer from picture books to reading books. Many of our children curl up on the sofa in the afternoon to read a Donald Duck magazine. 

Exercise area

After a day at school it’s great to let off steam in our exercise area. The gym is great for exercise but also for learning to cooperate and play together. This includes dancing, yoga, or gymnastics.

Dining room

Sitting together at the table enjoying food, drink, and talking about the day. How was your day at school? Did anyone do anything really fun today?

Living room

The children gather in the living room after a day at school, where they can relax on comfy cushions, build something, or play games together.