More information about our horizontal groups

We made a conscious decision to work with horizontal groups at our locations, so we can give each age group exactly the attention they need. We also adapt the location interior or our play equipment to create the ideal conditions. You can find more information here about our specific focus per age group or the adaptations we make, for example to our location interior.

Our baby groups

When your child joins the baby group, they will be entirely dependent on our childcare staff at first. Our childcare vision is that we should do everything possible to ensure that your baby gets the specific attention they need at any given time. Our childcare staff’s loving and positive approach is vital here, as is the design of our rooms and our play equipment.

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Our infant groups

Infants have their own groups at our locations as this helps our childcare staff respond effectively to their needs. How do we do this? We listen very carefully to them, but we also align our location interior and play equipment to their needs.

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Our toddler groups

Toddlers make huge leaps in social and emotional development. They learn new motor skills, become potty-trained, and they make rapid progress in language development. They gradually start to understand that toddlers are individuals. When toddlers start developing their own identity, this can be associated with tantrums and crying. And that’s good, as it means that a toddler feels safe enough to test the boundaries. A toddler’s world gets bigger all the time. If they don’t understand something, they use their imagination.

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Our older toddler groups

Starting elementary school soon? We aim to ensure that children in our older toddler groups are well-prepared for this. Toddlers at this age still have a rich fantasy life and the magical and real worlds can merge. This sometimes results in amazing situations! Toddlers really like to ‘do things themselves’ and show their independence. This increases their self-confidence. Wouldn’t it be great if your child could start their elementary school full of self-confidence?

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