Childcare in Vught

Kindergarden childcare in Vught

Welcome to Kindergarden Vught, where we provide a safe, stimulating and loving environment for your child. At the Kindergarden location in Vught, we give everything careful consideration as everything around a child can affect them. And therein lies the secret of Kindergarden.     

From our (so-called horizontal) peer groups and our staff giving lots of personal attention all the way through to our educational programme, adventure gardens and furniture designed for children. There’s a reason we say: it’s all in the details. We’d like to tell you more about our childcare in Vught.

Childcare at Kindergarden Vught: it’s all in the details!
Watch the video and take a peek at the world of Kindergarden, where children grow and learn in a loving environment.

A wonderful place for your child!

Frequently asked questions about childcare in Vught