Managementteam Kindergarden

There are five members on our managementteam. They work together to determine the direction of our quality and ambitions, each from the perspective of their own field of expertise.

Nicole Krabbenborg

Managing director "At Kindergarden, we strive to give the best care to all children. We want to lay the foundation for the development of babies into independent, open-minded children with a positive self-image. With our people, our approach and our own open-mindedness, we succeed at that!"

Wouter Janssen

Financial director "Being the Dutch branch of an international, listed organisation offers many advantages. Examples include effective financial processes, conservative financing and sufficient capital to invest broadly and systematically in quality. We are also grateful to be able to draw upon the strengths of and innovations by our parent company for our ICT infrastructure. Partly thanks to this, our processes are purposeful and efficient, and everything we do serves the highest quality child care possible."

Annekee Goedhuis

Marketing & Client Relations Director "Everything starts with a strong, powerful brand. Kindergarden is a leading brand in childcare. Parents entrust Kindergarden with their most precious treasure, and our staff love to work here. After all, we have thought of everything at Kindergarden. That's what we do, every day. Nothing is left to chance, and that's where we make the difference."

Hanneke Visser

Operational & HR director "In order to provide the best care for the children, you must also provide the very best care to those who care for the children. Development of the children and our staff is paramount at Kindergarden."

Ivo Schunselaar

Facility & New Business director "We set the bar high at Kindergarden: there are high demands for quality, professional skills, knowledge, and locations. The welfare of the children is a priority and parents need to know their children are in good hands in a safe, pleasant environment."