Wereldwijs, our pedagogical program

At Kindergarden we think of everything, and this naturally includes our pedagogical program. After all, every child needs attention and guidance in order to reach their full potential. In our Wereldwijs program, we explain how we provide that attention and guidance, and the reasons for our method. Because we have taken such a careful and comprehensive approach to the program, Wereldwijs is the ideal method for our pedagogical employees.

Development areas

Wereldwijs features six development areas that are full of rich and positive learning experiences. Each development area corresponds to an aspect of a child’s development, as follows:
  • Step by step

    Sensory moter learning

  • Language works

    Language and speech development

  • Science rocks

    Cognitive development

  • Art smart

    Imaginative and creative development

  • Well aware

    Character development

  • Our world

    Social development

At the core of all of the development areas is an abiding respect for the freedom of the child to make independent decisions. Children receive all the space they need to independently and extensively explore, imitate and learn. We also promote a healthy lifestyle with fixed routines and plenty of time for exercising and playing outside.

The inspiration for Wereldwijs

Our Wereldwijs program is based on insights and principles provided by Pikler, Montessori, Steiner, Reggio Emilia and Riksen-Walraven. All of these sources focus on children feeling physically, mentally and socially well and satisfied; in other words, on their development. The principle behind it is about providing a good balance between rest and activity. A clear daily structure is very important for achieving this balance. In short: we provide a rich learning environment that is completely attuned to the child’s experiences, as well as a clear daily rhythm and effective group structure. 

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What is our approach based on at our daycare centers?

Each child needs attention and guidance to develop. In ‘Wereldwijs’, our childcare program, we explain how we offer that attention and guidance and why we work like this. As we have developed, detailed, and recorded everything in a well-thought-out way, ‘Wereldwijs’ offers the perfect guidance for our childcare staff. This program ensures that, as parent, you know which development points we will be focusing on. In a nutshell, this involves providing an educational environment entirely aligned to your child’s experiences. We also provide a clear daily routine and optimal group structure.

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What is our approach based on at our after-school care centers?

Children from four to twelve develop rapidly and each child develops in their own unique way. That’s why all our after-school care locations place a high priority on personal development. We have documented how we do this in our childcare program, ‘Wereldwijs’. This explains how we shape that focus and guidance and why we work like this.

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