The recipe from....Sita Natha

Tips and advice

Sita is a domestic worker at our Heemstede location and makes this a nice dish for children: brown rice, pointed cabbage and chicken fillet. Check the ingredients and preparation method for at home.

After-school Infant Toddler


Brown rice, pointed cabbage and chicken breast (4 people)  


  • 300 g brown rice 
  • 250 g free-range diced chicken breasts 
  • 450 g chopped pointed cabbage 

You can also add: 

  • 30 g organic Sultana raisins 
  • 1 organic apple 


Dice the chicken into smaller cubes if needed. These pieces can sometimes be too big (or make sure that you pull the chicken into small pieces after steaming). 

Cooking method: 

  • Boil the rice according to the instructions on the pack. 
  • Boil the pointed cabbage for 10 minutes until it’s ready. (Tip: you can also cook the pointed cabbage in a little olive oil in a wok instead of boiling it. Season to taste with spices, such as curry powder and organic soy sauce.) 
  • Fry the chicken breast in a wok or steam like Sita did in the video (this produces more tender and softer chicken).  
  • Drain the rice, and toss the rice, chicken and pointed cabbage together. 

For more variation and flavour you can mix raisins, pieces of mango or a grated apple through the rice. 


Check out the video!