Improved staff discount Kindergarden


We are improving the staff discount for our staff from January 2023. This makes it more favourable to come to work at Kindergarden and to keep working more days. It’s an important step in our approach towards the staff shortages.

Childcare staff member Anne from Naarden has decided to stay working three days because of this improvement. Anne explained....

‘I work three days a week, my son Alex goes to Kindergarden one day a week and my daughter Yara goes to after-school care for one day a week.  

The reason I was going to work a day less is the price increase for childcare and the costs of commuting to work. It would have meant that I’d have to pay more for a day’s childcare than I’d earn by working that day.  

As Kindergarden is increasing the staff discount and commuting costs, it means I’ll have some money left, making it viable to stay working for three days. I think it’s great to work three days but if you need to pay to work it soon affects your motivation. I’m grateful that Kindergarden has done this and made it possible for me to keep working three days.  

There’s still a colleague at our location who takes her child with her for four days a week so she can work for four days. She’s also really grateful and happy that she doesn’t have to pay the increase as this means she has some funds left at the end of the month.’ 

That’s exactly why we, as Kindergarden, are taking these steps: to address the staff shortages and be a good employer for our colleagues. This means they can keep working more days and some former colleagues are also returning to us. All these steps help to keep familiar faces in our groups and contribute to stability and familiarity for our children.