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  • Zwitserlandstraat 6
    1363 BE Almere

Hi, I'm Roos van 't Lam, location manager of Kindergarden Zwitserlandstraat Almere. Would you like to come and take a look at our childcare location?

Our childcare center, Kindergarden Almere, is located in the Europakwartier. The golden crown above the entrance already indicates that you're dealing with a unique building. It was specifically designed for childcare. You will experience it immediately when you enter: a pleasant atmosphere and plenty of personal attention. Because of that, everyone - children, parents, and staff - immediately feels at home.

Our baby, infant, and toddler groups all feature a bright and spacious design. The childcare staff in our baby group will encourage your child to look around and discover our spaces and materials. All our spaces are designed to foster development by inviting your child to set out on a journey of exploration. We make sure there’s a good balance between playtime and naptime in each of our groups.

We offer a large outdoor space for the children, where they like to spend time every day. In inclement weather we also have lots of indoor space available: children can run around and exercise in the playroom/gym, and we also have a larger play area that is very popular with our kids.

Our childcare centre is centrally located in Almere’s Europakwartier district, across from the Albert Heijn supermarket and within walking distance of the Almere Poort railway station.

Explore the unique childcare at Kindergarden Zwitserlandstraat

  • Baby garden

    Since the older children play in their own section of the garden, our babies can enjoy the fresh air in a separate, enclosed area where they have every opportunity to roam around and explore.

  • Sleeping outdoors

    Taking our cue from the Scandinavian child-rearing model, we can also arrange for some of our children to sleep outdoors, which happens to be very good for them. One of the many advantages of this habit is that children sleep more peacefully, longer, and more deeply while also being less likely to get colds.

  • Spacious garden

    A sandbox, climbing equipment, a play hill for rolling down, and of course plenty of spots for playing hide and seek... Our large, semi-enclosed garden (with numerous shady spots) beckons children to come out and play.

  • All under one roof

    This Kindergarden location has its own after school care programme, which your child will be able to attend once they’re old enough. Offering children a mix of stimulation, relaxation, and opportunities for growth and development, the after school care has the added advantage of being right around the corner from the elementary school. Your child is sure to feel at home right off the bat.

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On our childcare center, we have horizontal groups

Every child lives in a world where everything impresses – and everything has an impact. That is why we work with horizontal groups at our childcare locations.

2 Babygroups
0 - 2 year
1 Infant group
1 - 3 year
2 Toddler groups
2 - 4 year
1 Older toddler group
3+ year

Our childcare through the eyes of a parent

Kindergarden Almere is truly a gem! The caregivers are friendly, welcoming, and take the time for both child and parent. Lovely photos and educational activities complete the experience. Our son thoroughly enjoys it. He sleeps and eats well, knowing that only healthy food is served. The nutrition policy and vision of Kindergarden are inspiring! Our son goes happily to this beautiful, well-equipped childcare center. The committed caregivers and good communication create a sense of trust. In short, Kindergarden Almere is the ideal place for both parent and child!

Mother of Rogier (3 years)

Childcare rates 2024

Rate per hour: € 10,93

Hot lunch

Freshly and warmly prepared lunch and baby snacks.


Diapers and baby wipes by Pampers and Naty, and Naïf and Sudocrem care products.


Follow-up and growing-up formula by Nutrilon, Hipp Bio, Biobim and Pure Goat Company.

Pacifiers & bottles

Pacifiers and bottles by MAM, Difrax, Bibs, Avent and Dr. Brown.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

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Kindergarden Zwitserlandstraat


Are you coming to take a look at our childcare location?

Hi, I'm Roos van 't Lam, location manager of Kindergarden Zwitserlandstraat Almere.

Did you know that everything in a child's surrounding can affect them? For that reason, we’ve carefully considered everything we do. Absolutely everything. That’s the secret of Kindergarden. Curious? Feel free to come and take a look at our childcare location!

Roos van 't Lam
Location manager Kindergarden Zwitserlandstraat Almere

What makes childcare from Kindergarden so unique?