Kindergarden Hugo de Grootstraat

  • Hugo de Grootstraat 59
    2613 VN Delft

Hi, I'm Michelle van Ginkel, location manager of Kindergarden Delft Hugo de Grootstraat. Would you like to come and take a look at our childcare location?

If you walk up the stairway – complete with chandelier and stained-glass windows – you’ll enter the attic of this former school building. Right below the sloping roof, is where you find our homely looking after-school care. We had skylights installed to create a playful area with lots of light, where children tend to feel instantly at home.

Did you know our children even have their own Children Committee? They get to state their preferences for certain activities, which are grouped into the categories Games and Play, Creative, Cooking, and Technology. Whenever we get a chance, we make an activity plan together or come up with ideas for one of our special themed weeks. For example, during the school vacation we worked on a project called “The Perfect Picture,” involving the use of images, photographs, and artworks. The children also decorated picture frames and even held an exhibit for their parents and each other. Of course, we also give children the space they need to play around, or relax in a quiet corner with a book.

We encourage our children to play outdoors any chance we get: we take them to the local park, go for picnics, play soccer, climb in trees, and organize other sports and games. During school vacations, we might visit a museum or do something a little more adventurous – like building rafts.

You’ll find us just outside Delft’s downtown area, so you can easily stop off on the way to work or the railway station.

We pick up at the following schools:

  • De Freinetschool (locaties: de Libel, de Margriet, Loevesteinplaats, de Binnentuin)
  • Basisschool Het Mozaïek (locatie: Casper Fagelstraat)
  • Max Havelaar

The schools where we collect can change. Collection days and times may vary depending on the school.

Explore the unique childcare at Kindergarden Hugo de Grootstraat

  • Studio

    The children can really give a free rein to their fantasy and creativity here. We challenge them by offering many different types of materials (wood, bricks, clay, paint, and such things as Ecoline). So they’re not only doing crafts and drawing but also designing, building, and handcrafts.

  • Playing outdoors

    Playing outdoors isn’t only healthy, children tend to learn and play differently indoors than they do outdoors. That’s why you’ll often find us outside, because we can use the school playground next to the after-school club, where children can play soccer or undertake other activities.

  • How? Like this! Lab

    Investigating, experimenting, and discovering; it’s all possible in our laboratory! Children can immerse themselves in biology, physics, chemistry, and technology by doing experiments.

  • Reading corner

    Time out. A bit of me-time, quietly reading a magazine or book. There’s a huge choice on offer from picture books to reading books. Many of our children curl up on the sofa in the afternoon to read a Donald Duck magazine.

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Childcare rates 2024

Rate per hour: € 10,75

Pick up from school

Depending on distance from school with BSO bus, cargo bike or on foot.

Workshops and activities

Organized by the pedagogical staff of the location.


On Wednesdays and Fridays and during holidays


External outings during the holiday period (under supervision).

Opening hours

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday: from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Wednesday/Friday: from 12:15 pm to 6:30 pm

During holidays and study days: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

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Kindergarden Hugo de Grootstraat


Are you coming to take a look at our childcare location?

Hi, I'm Michelle van Ginkel, location manager of Kindergarden Delft Hugo de Grootstraat.

Did you know that everything in a child's surrounding can affect them? For that reason, we’ve carefully considered everything we do. Absolutely everything. That’s the secret of Kindergarden. Curious? Feel free to come and take a look at our childcare location!

Michelle van Ginkel
Location manager Kindergarden Delft Hugo de Grootstraat

What makes childcare from Kindergarden so unique?