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Hi, I'm Bianca Schwarz, location manager of Kindergarden Postweg Nijmegen. Would you like to come and take a look at our childcare location?

Although the old marble entrance is still intact – along with all the other classic features of the building – Villa Geldersch Hof has “Kindergarden” written all over it! And as you know, at Kindergarden we are committed to giving equal attention to all our children and finding the right balance of activities. We use hanging cribs in the infant sections, so that the youngest babies can get used to the sounds and smells in the group. A safe space in the group to relax for a while, and that's also how we get to know your child too! Did you know that we offer pregnancy exercise classes right at our location? We’d love to see you there someday soon!

We tend to promote self-reliance and independence among our younger and older toddlers. For example, the toddlers who still take naps nap in our “sleep studio,” where they each have their own dedicated place on their own mattress. Our children have learned to make their own way back to the group as soon as they wake up, where they can dress themselves. Toddlers who want to retreat and take a breather also like to use this space.

We’re very grateful to have a forest so nearby, as well as being very happy with our green location and fabulous front yard and backyard. Both infant groups have their own separate, adjacent garden, where our babies can safely enjoy the fresh air. Older children can hide in the bamboo patches or ride their bikes across the bike track. You’ll find little nooks and crannies all over the place that are challenging and relaxing for children in equal measure. After all, kids can’t keep running around all day, can they?

A bonus is that our location (in the Kwakkenberg residential neighborhood) is quickly and easily accessible.

Explore the unique childcare at Kindergarden Postweg

  • Vegetable garden

    We have a vegetable garden to teach the children more about nature! We sow seeds, take care of the plants, and harvest them together with the children. And the harvest? We make delicious mint water from it or eat the cucumbers, tomatoes, or strawberries together.

  • Older toddler activities

    We often make a point of splitting the toddler group so that we can offer activities that are a good match for the children’s different developmental phases. For instance, in the morning we start with circle time, to prepare the older toddlers (over 3s) for elementary school. 

  • Sleep studio

    One of our aims is to promote infant and toddler self-reliance. For example, the toddlers who still take naps do so in our “sleep theater,” where they each have their own dedicated place on their own mattress. And when they wake up we encourage them to get dressed themselves.

  • Play and discovery corners

    Our baby group(s) have been designed to ensure that every child in the 0 to 2 age range can play and relax in peace and quiet. They can choose from our black and white corner, reading corner, the kitchen unit, the big play mat, or our mirror with tactile tiles.

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On our childcare center, we have horizontal groups

Every child lives in a world where everything impresses – and everything has an impact. That is why we work with horizontal groups at our childcare locations.

2 Babygroups
0 - 2 year
2 Infant groups
1 - 3 year
2 Toddler groups
2 - 4 year

Our childcare through the eyes of a parent

Kindergarden Nijmegen is literally a dream place (in the broadest sense of the word) where we confidently leave our son to play and develop. There’s a fresh, hot lunch every day, which is great. The spacious garden is also a huge plus point; they can almost always play outside. We’re given wonderful glimpses throughout the day via the app, which we think is so nice and considerate. And the caring staff always take so much time for us when we collect our son. We’re really pleased with this amazing daycare center!

Gert-Jan Muntslag
Father of Daan (3 years)

Childcare rates 2024

Rate per hour: € 10,83

Hot lunch

Freshly and warmly prepared lunch and baby snacks.


Diapers and baby wipes by Pampers and Naty, and Naïf and Sudocrem care products.


Follow-up and growing-up formula by Nutrilon, Hipp Bio, Biobim and Pure Goat Company.

Pacifiers & bottles

Pacifiers and bottles by MAM, Difrax, Bibs, Avent and Dr. Brown.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

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Kindergarden Postweg


Are you coming to take a look at our childcare location?

Hi, I'm Bianca Schwarz, location manager of Kindergarden Postweg Nijmegen.

Did you know that everything in a child's surrounding can affect them? For that reason, we’ve carefully considered everything we do. Absolutely everything. That’s the secret of Kindergarden. Curious? Feel free to come and take a look at our childcare location!

Bianca Schwarz
Location manager Kindergarden Postweg Nijmegen

What makes childcare from Kindergarden so unique?