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    3702 VH Zeist

Hi, I'm Julie Klementschitsch, location manager of Kindergarden Hortensialaan Zeist. Would you like to come and take a look at our childcare location?

You’ll find our after-school club on the bright upper floor of our warm and welcoming daycare. Our children are given the opportunity to enjoy their spare time and interact with their peers. We offer activities that the children can undertake independently, supervised by our fully trained staff, or with each other.

Each activity falls into one of the themes Sports and Games, Creative, and Technology, and we’ve also introduced a theme that’s extremely popular with most children: Cooking. The children also get to share their input and tell us what they would most like to do. Our members of staff are always on hand to ensure everyone has a fun and relaxing afternoon.

We also provide opportunities for outdoor play: there’s a sandbox, climbing equipment, a large swing, and a soccer area for the kids to enjoy together or on their own. We take the children to this outdoor play area every day. We’ve got an especially exciting program for the kids during school vacations. For example, we always adjust the program to the theme of that holiday and we offer 5 activities per day within this theme.

We are located in Zeist’s town center – right in the friendly heart of our community!

We pick up at the following schools:

  • Damiaanschool Rozenstraat

The schools where we collect can change. Collection days and times may vary depending on the school.

Explore the unique childcare at Kindergarden Hortensialaan

  • Studio

    The children can really give a free rein to their fantasy and creativity here. We challenge them by offering many different types of materials (wood, bricks, clay, paint, and such things as Ecoline). So they’re not only doing crafts and drawing but also designing, building, and handcrafts.

  • Computer room with Wii

    Children in this generation grow up using computers. We want to help ensure that they handle computers independently and responsibly. They can play on the Wii (within set rules and for the children older than 7).

  • Gym

    Even though we have our own gym, it doesn’t stop us from setting up a huge circuit in an external gym that we hire regularly. The children tackle the circuit with great enthusiasm!

  • Kids’ kitchen

    We have a real Kids’ kitchen that’s been adapted for a child’s height. The children learn chopping, kneading, baking, and working together here. We teach them all about healthy ingredients, working independently and following recipes.

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Childcare rates 2024

Rate per hour: € 10,56

Pick up from school

Depending on distance from school with BSO bus, cargo bike or on foot.

Workshops and activities

Organized by the pedagogical staff of the location.


External outings during the holiday period (under supervision).

Hot lunch

During holidays and study days.

Opening hours

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm

During holidays and study days: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

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Kindergarden Hortensialaan


Are you coming to take a look at our childcare location?

Hi, I'm Julie Klementschitsch, location manager of Kindergarden Hortensialaan Zeist.

Did you know that everything in a child's surrounding can affect them? For that reason, we’ve carefully considered everything we do. Absolutely everything. That’s the secret of Kindergarden. Curious? Feel free to come and take a look at our childcare location!

Julie Klementschitsch
Location manager Kindergarden Hortensialaan Zeist

What makes childcare from Kindergarden so unique?