HEART Principles

The HEART principles guide colleagues in what we do every single day. They serve as a compass for choices, actions and conduct. The HEART principles are: 

- Honesty
- Excellence
- Accountability
- Respect
- Teamwork

These principles show what we stand for at Kindergarden and form the basis for how we approach our work. They determine how we act towards colleagues, how we work with your child/children and how we act towards you as parent. A few examples:

  • Children, parents or colleagues can all count on our commitment and undivided attention. In words and deeds. 
  • Our contact is open and honest, which creates a feeling of trust. We use feedback to contribute to everyone’s development.
  • Children and parents can rely on us. We listen to their requirements and needs, and respond to these needs.
  • We are proactive and are accountable for our actions. Mistakes? Everyone makes them sometimes. We acknowledge them and learn from them and don’t dwell on them for too long.
  • Learning and improving yourself are incredibly important to us. That means challenging yourself and asking questions, seeking solutions and being open for new ideas. We owe it to ourselves as leading organisation in which ‘development’ is a key concept.
  • We do important work that is extremely valuable, not only for our children and parents but also for our colleagues and ourselves. That’s why we should be proud of our work. 

If you’d like to read more, we have a HEART magazine (in Dutch)! 

Read the Kindergarden HEART Magazine