Friends call me Jim


We started the Friends call me Jim interactive exercise programme in the toddler group (2 and 3 years) in November 2022. Every location can now take part in this, following a successful pilot at ten locations.



In Friends call me Jim, we use Jim Movebooks, which are digital exercise books with exciting stories! With Jims in the leading role. The stories are enhanced with music, illustrations and materials, and are perfect to stimulate children’s fantasy.

Interactive stories

The children learn motor skills via the interactive stories, including jumping, catching, balancing and running. The childcare staff who work with this follow a brief training to become a Jim Coach. The Movebook lessons take around 20 minutes and are given using the Movebooks app. These are on the iPad in each toddler group. The iPad is used like a picture book to draw the children into the story.

Friends call me Jim in practice

Childcare staff member Chantal Bodt (location Arnhem Elderveld): ‘We give Jim lessons every day. We decided that the childcare staff member who starts at 9.00 am should prepare the materials so that the first group of children can start the lesson at 9.20 am. We do this in the group’s sleeping area with the curtains between the group and the sleeping area largely being closed. The other half of the group can then just play quietly and/or arrive at the location.’

‘We switch groups immediately afterwards and the other childcare staff member does Jim with the other children. They then clear away all the materials together. The group’s toys will have been cleared away by then so we can start the fruit break at 10.00 am. This ensures that we have a great start to the day and that the children eat and drink well. There’s often still time left to go outside too. Most children enjoy being active and are happy to take part. They really like the characters and enjoy copying the various moves.’

Most children like to participate and be active. They love the characters and also like to copy the different moves.

Chantal Bodt
Pedagogical employee Kindergarden Arnhem Elderveld

Why did we start this programme?

Annemarie Bosch (Development and Quality department): ‘At Kindergarden, we think exercise is really important. We started working with Friends call me Jim three years ago. Initially, we set up a huge space in our Amsterdam Stadstimmertuin location as a Friends call me Jim studio. We became so enthusiastic that we asked to have Friends call me Jim develop an exercise programme that could be taught at every toddler group. That’s how the Movebooks were created and each toddler group within Kindergarden now has its own Jim box with exercise material that can be used in the group.

The movement programme can take place both outside and indoors. The Movebooks take the children on a journey and an experience in which they develop motor skills without being aware of it themselves. It makes exercise fun, which is why we’re using the programme in all our toddler groups.’

Exercising like this is fun and that is why we use the program in all our toddler groups.

Annemarie Bosch
Development & Quality Department
Tips for at home: The music from Friends call me Jim will soon be available on YouTube and Spotify.