Wereldwijs renewed!


Our pedagogical vision, Wereldwijs, has been updated! It is now more concise, clear, and split into two visions: one for the daycare center (KDV) and one for the after-school care (BSO). Various themes play an important role in these renewed visions. One of the main themes for the BSO is talent development. In this article, we will explore this further. As we roll out this theme further at the BSOs, we aim to distinguish ourselves.


The first theme in the spotlight is talent development at our after-school care

Various themes play an important role in these updated visions. For example, there’s a major focus on talent development in our after-school care. This theme will be rolled out gradually at our after school care, and is something that will really make us distinct.

What does the updated Wereldwijs vision for after-school care involve?

The old vision combined childcare and after-school care, and focused somewhat more on childcare. Now we have a vision specifically for our after-school care, with talent development as the main theme. Every child has talent. You don’t have to be the best; it’s all about having fun in what you do. We also want to prepare children for a future that’s rapidly changing due to technology and digitisation. And we want to give children their own voice, which is why we’re also focusing on child participation. These aspects will guide our activities at our after-school care.

How will Kindergarden do this?

We encourage children’s independence, give them space to make their own choices, and most importantly, support them in keeping up with 21st century developments. We want to connect with the age in which these children are growing up and stimulate appropriate skills, including cooperation, information gathering and creative thinking. So less scholarly and really focused on the child. We’ll be covering current key themes, including sustainability, diversity, and art and culture.

What activities are a match for this?

Of course, we can achieve this in so many ways! Child participation is important here: the more children participate in activities, the more they enjoy our after-school care (as was shown in research). They can participate in various ways.

Children can make their own choices in what they want to take part in and whether to participate at all. Independent play or playing with a friend is also fine. Children can choose from activities including getting to work in the kitchen, following a DJ workshop, taking part in Wie is de Mol TV programme (Houten Tuibrug after-school care) or making their own art during a Mondrian afternoon (Delft-Zuid after-school care).