Get to know our location team

Read here which team members could be working at a Kindergarden location. We’ve put our teams together in such a way that our childcare staff is able to devote all their time to your child. For instance, we have cleaning staff who clean and prepare a fresh, hot lunch every day and each location has a full-time location manager to guide our staff, children, and parents. Which other staff could you meet at our locations?  

Do what you’re good at

It’s important to us that everyone does what they’re good at. That’s why each location works with a permanent, enthusiastic team and regular substitute staff. Read more about the typical makeup of our location team on this page.

Childcare staff

Each group has a permanent team of childcare staff. Of course, everyone will have completed a childcare study program at secondary vocational or higher professional training level. Quality and safety are extremely important to us, which is why we established our Kindergarden Academy. This offers courses, training, and inspiration sessions to our staff, giving everyone the opportunity to stay up-to-date and keep on developing.

All the conditions are in place to allow each child to develop optimally. Enriched learning spaces and sensitive staff. It's wonderful to see that our full attention is directed towards this every day.

Pedagogical Coach

Location manager 

Our location managers do not get involved in the group’s activities. They focus entirely on the location’s day-to-day affairs and its team members. They welcome new parents, take care of the intake, and offer tours. The location manager will have a higher professional education or university background, perhaps in psychology or pedagogy, or will have been trained internally. Our location managers also receive continuous professional development via the Kindergarden Academy. As parent, the location manager is your first point of contact.

The way my job is arranged enables me to devote all my time to this location. I can give my team the attention they deserve and my door is always open for parents who have questions or would like a chat.

Marloes Janssen
Location manager at Amsterdam Vondelstraat

Deputy location manager

Each Kindergarden location has a deputy location manager to support and help the location manager. The deputy also covers the location manager’s work temporarily if they are absent, which is why our deputy location managers do not get fully involved in the group’s activities.

Childcare expert

You can rely on high-quality care and supervision at each Kindergarden location. That’s because we have a childcare expert who is responsible for the location’s childcare quality. They ensure that everyone works according to Kindergarden’s childcare vision and that each space is educational and challenging for children.

Cleaning staff

Everything is clean, fresh, and tidy. That’s really important for a location that young children visit every day. Our cleaning staff member at each location takes care of this. They also provide a hot, fresh lunch for the children and the team. 

I simply love preparing hot meals for the children every day. I introduce them to different textures and flavors and I’m always delighted to see the empty plates coming back.

Domestic worker - Rotterdam Tijs van Zeventerstraat

Prevention coach

In a location for young children it’s particularly important that the team stays up-to-date on the latest health and safety guidelines. That’s why we have a prevention coach at each location. This childcare staff member supports the location manager in everything relating to health and safety. Our prevention coaches are re-trained each year.

Permanent substitute staff

As Kindergarden places a high priority on creating a safe and calm space for our children, we work with a flexpool of regular substitute staff. We decided not to use temporary agency staff but to develop our own pool of well-trained staff that forms part of our team. These colleagues are ready to help if someone is ill and they cover vacations and leave, enabling us to provide familiar and trusted faces in the group.