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Hi, I'm Valentine Versteeg location manager of Kindergarden Voormalige Stadstimmertuin Amsterdam. Would you like to come and take a look at our childcare location?

We all know that babies need structure in their day, with a healthy balance between activity and relaxation. But did you know that flat surfaces are most conducive to children’s development? At our Stadstimmertuin daycare center, all the materials we use are adapted to the various stages of development, so as to support our workers as well as we can when interacting with your child.

We provide a separate classroom for older babies and toddlers to do crafts, paint, and engage in other activities. They attend the “Friends call me Jim” exercise classes in our gymnasium 2.0, which features light projections, a movie projector, and truly challenging materials.We use magical storytelling to ignite their imagination and develop their sense of perception by making them discover the joy of physical activity.

A garden in the heart of the city? Sure, complete with a stunning chestnut tree, a sandbox, a vegetable garden, and a separate section for babies, including a play mirror. We provide plenty of indoor and outdoor space for children, where they receive the attention and support they need to grow and develop in our impressive and unique building – the former Jewish Lyceum – with its lovely and calm atmosphere. Our building is located right behind the Carré Theatre, while de Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank) is right around the corner.

Explore the unique childcare at Kindergarden Voormalige Stadstimmertuin

  • English lessons

    Young children’s ears are incredibly receptive to the sounds of other languages. We grasp this opportunity every week so our toddlers get to know English through play. We use our hand puppets Benny and Bella for this.

  • Friends call me Jim

    The toddlers exercise in our gym hall 2.0 twice a week. It’s equipped with light projections, a projector and really challenging equipment. We use magical stories to stimulate the children’s fantasy and experience and this helps them discover the enjoyment of exercise.

  • Older toddlers

    Our older toddler group focuses on each toddler’s specific developmental needs. We aim to promote self-reliance and challenge them to do as much for themselves as possible, as that will be really useful when they start school!

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On our childcare center, we have horizontal groups

Every child lives in a world where everything impresses – and everything has an impact. That is why we work with horizontal groups at our childcare locations.

3 Babygroups
0 - 2 year
2 Infant groups
1 - 3 year
3 Toddler groups
2 - 4 year
1 Older toddler group
3+ year

Our childcare through the eyes of a parent

As well as being a stunning building and a quiet and safe place for the children, we’re even more delighted with the wonderful staff responsible for our daughter’s group. They prepare a fresh, organic lunch every day that the children really enjoy. She sleeps like a princess in those lovely beds and they’re so cute, stacked one above the other. We’ve just found out that we’re expecting again and we immediately enrolled our child; we simply couldn’t think of better place to take our children. Finally, they update an app throughout the day with all the activities your child is involved in, including photos that are so great to see during your working day.

Micky Rooze
Mother of Fleur (2 years)

Childcare rates 2024

Rate per hour: € 11,87

Hot lunch

Freshly and warmly prepared lunch and baby snacks.


Diapers and baby wipes by Pampers and Naty, and Naïf and Sudocrem care products.


Follow-up and growing-up formula by Nutrilon, Hipp Bio, Biobim and Pure Goat Company.

Pacifiers & bottles

Pacifiers and bottles by MAM, Difrax, Bibs, Avent and Dr. Brown.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm

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Kindergarden Voormalige Stadstimmertuin


Are you coming to take a look at our childcare location?

Hi, I'm Valentine Versteeg location manager of Kindergarden Voormalige Stadstimmertuin Amsterdam.

Did you know that everything in a child's surrounding can affect them? For that reason, we’ve carefully considered everything we do. Absolutely everything. That’s the secret of Kindergarden. Curious? Feel free to come and take a look at our childcare location!

Valentine Versteeg
Location manager Kindergarden Voormalige Stadstimmertuin Amsterdam

What makes childcare from Kindergarden so unique?