Reliable and motivated employees are essential for the success and growth of our organisation. That is why we are committed to investing in a valuable and inspiring work environment: a great place to work.

Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work Institute® examines the degree of confidence, pride and job satisfaction within organisations annually. We are currently the only childcare organisation in the Netherlands to have been recognised as a Best Workplace by the institute. We entered the rankings in 2012 with 26th place, rose to 16th in 2013, and in 2015, 2016 and 2018 we reached the top 3 with a third place!

What can we improve?

We want to continue to grow and succeed as a company. The results of the Great Place to Work survey help us to identify our strengths and also any areas in need of development. Our employees play a vital role in brainstorming sessions to help us set goals and targets to ensure our continued success, so that we can provide the very best standard of care and support for your children.


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We are an open organization that encourages every employee to contribute and grow”

Jade Kruijs Kindergarden Rotterdam Honingerdijk

Jade Thijsse

Centre manager Rotterdam Westzeedijk
Jade Kruijs Kindergarden Rotterdam Honingerdijk