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Hi, I'm Derske van der Beek, location manager of Kindergarden Steigereiland Amsterdam.

The IJburg neighborhood is a very child-friendly area surrounded by water on the outskirts of Amsterdam, and you’ll find its wide-open spaces reflected in our after-school club, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and elegant high ceilings. Since we believe in listening to the children, we run all activities by them first – this creates a lovely and homey atmosphere with a strong “feel-good vibe.”

When it comes to activities, we always offer the children a choice between two alternatives (they can read on the noticeboard what’s on for that day). We always offer children the opportunity to provide their own input or spend some “me-time” in a corner before joining the others. The 8+ group has its own separate corner where they can retreat if they like to, plus their own noticeboard on which they write down the activities for the entire week. During the special themed weeks, we cook, do crafts, and engage in various physical activities together.

Over the summer months we let the children participate in lots of sports, and during the winter period we have snowball fights – while indoors we keep the kids entertained with artificial snowballs, discos, and various performances. We have a small platform that we use as a stage for the performances the kids put together themselves.

You’ll find the Steigereiland after-school club on the edge of IJburg, near the A10 highway.

We pick up at the following schools:

  • Willibrord
  • Zuiderzeeschool
  • Montessori Steigereiland
  • Neptunes

Pick-up days and times at schools may vary. Is your school not listed? Ask our Customer Relations department on 020 423 54 22 about the possible options.

In this location you will find Kindergarden Steigereiland

  • Studio

    The children can really give a free rein to their fantasy and creativity here. We challenge them by offering many different types of materials (wood, bricks, clay, paint, and such things as Ecoline). So they’re not only doing crafts and drawing but also designing, building, and handcrafts.

  • Library

    Time out. A bit of me-time, quietly reading a magazine or book. There’s a huge choice on offer from picture books to reading books. Many of our children curl up on the sofa in the afternoon to read a Donald Duck magazine.

  • Playing outdoors

    Playing outdoors isn’t only healthy, children tend to learn and play differently indoors than they do outdoors. That’s why we’re often outside and because we don’t have our own playground, we always do that in the Vondelpark or Amstelpark.

  • Theater

    A fantastic space where each child can completely live out his or her fantasy. Face-painting and singing are among the options and with all the stage props and costumes, the kids put on some fantastic performances.

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Rates 2022

Rate per hour: € 7,84

Pick up from school

Depending on distance from school with BSO bus, cargo bike or on foot.


On Wednesdays and Fridays and during holidays

Workshops and activities

Organized by the pedagogical staff of the location.


External outings during the holiday period (under supervision).

Opening hours

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Wednesday: from 12:15 pm to 6:30 pm

During holidays and study days: from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm

Meet some of our team members

Kinderen helpen in hun ontwikkeling en zelfstandigheid is één van de leukste dingen die er bestaan. Elke dag is anders. Door de gevarieerde activiteiten mag ik een steentje bijdragen aan de zelfredzaamheid van de kinderen.

After-school coördinator

‘’Help mij het zelf te doen!’’ De kinderen laten ontdekken wat ze kunnen en aansluiten op deze ontwikkeling. Bij Kindergarden krijgen kinderen de ruimte om ‘hun eigen ik’ te ontdekken en zich op hun eigen tempo te ontwikkelen. Ik ben trots dit te mogen begeleiden!

Pedagogisch expert

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Hi, I'm Derske van der Beek, location manager of Kindergarden Steigereiland Amsterdam.

Derske van der Beek
Location manager Kindergarden Steigereiland Amsterdam

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